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RFID Labels / Inlays


  • RFID Label-UHF




    Electrical Characteristics  
    Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz ; 865 MHz to 867 MHz
    Reading Distance 3-8cm (Depends on the Reader capabilities)
    Available Chip Type UHF:- ALIEN; MONZA ; U-CODE
    Memory Size 96 bits to 4KB
    Physical Charateristics  
    Material Paper & PET
    Dimension Customised Sizes Available
    Weight 5.8 gms
    Temperature 20º C to +180º C
    Data Retention 10years, EMS memory can be wiped or written over 100K times
    Area of Application

    Ticketing, Library Management, anti-counterfeiting Electronic label application, Electronic Article Surveillanc

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