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RFID glass tag is designed for livestock tracking which is injected into the body of animal like dog, pet, cat etc. It is based on 125Khz,134.2Khz frequency RFID. We supply small size and also available with other larger size. The operating temperature is -40C to 110C. It complying with ISO11784/785 FDX A/B, HDX, the tags are safety and workable with excellent performance. Suitable for animal use as well as in scientific and medical testing environments and for automotive applications.




rfid gass tag


125KHz/134.2 ± 2 KHz

Standard and Protocol

ISO 11784/11785

Transmission Principle

Full Duplex (FDX-A/B), Half Duplex(HDX), EM ID

IC Type

T5577, EM4305, HITAG S256, CET5999, EM4200

Data Memory

330bits,512bits,256byte,1024bits, 64bits


1.4x8, 1.5x8, 2x6, 2.12x8, 2.12x10, 2.12x12, 3.85x32, 4x34mm

Reading Range

6-10cm by our handheld animal reader H20-F-G1;

30-50cm upon our long range reader PI-80

Operating Temperature

-25oC to 85oC

Storage Temperature

-40oC to 90oC


95 ± 20 mg for 2x12mm; 34mg for 1.4x8mm

Write Endurance

> 1,000,000 cycles

Memory Retention

> 20 years

Case Material

Cylindrical Bio-glass Schott 8625


Not affected by Normal Electromagnetic Interference or X-Rays

Signal Penetration

No known Blockage by non-magnetic material

Power Source

No Battery Required





- Animal tracking
- Scientific medical testing
- Automotive applications

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